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Originally Posted by macc ➡️

Sorry being a bit brief but I'm typing on my phone as the thoughts strike me

that wasn't brief, thanks for the in depth review.

Im still interested in this. I had to commit already to 2 cheaper but more versatile comps, but i would love to give this a try. Dont think i could fit it in here now as im "full-up", but if it proved a must-have then i could easily make room for it.

I too was put off abit by the SOS review part that stated it wasnt very suited to electronic. The rest of the review was great though. Ease/quickness of use is important but i aslo like the idea of a more experimental unit. Also i liked the audio demos i heard, and i didnt understand why this wouldnt be useful with electronic music. You verifying that has made me much interested in taking this thing for a test drive.

Technically im at the end of my buget so i hope i hate it

Looks great btw Jakob and good to see something a little different on the market!