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Oh, and the sound.

Thing about removing annoying, cluttering, space-occupying rubbish is that when you take the unit out of bypass (when you have it set right!), it sounds like everything just has that much more room, but without just sucking stuff out. This allows everything in a mix that much more room to breathe, and it all just feels easier as a result.

That would be my summation of the sound of the process (at least, the 3 band clippers). When it comes to the sound of the unit itself (as per the usual Gearslutz protocol), well I'd say that it has a rich, classy sound. Smooth, not at all when you might be expecting from a device labelled as a clipper. Obviously the sound of the process and the unit are sort of indivisible, but I thought making a false distinction might be useful.

Sorry being a bit brief but I'm typing on my phone as the thoughts strike me