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Old 18th September 2013
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Actually, while using the unit today it struck me. That is, maybe the simplest way to describe what it does in plain terms.

Forgetting the full band clipper - it's a clipper - for now, the simplest way to describe the band clippers is that they can make things disappear, often inaudibly/invisibly.

I had a poky hi hat up around 13k a minute ago. Tune the band with the cut, set to clip, turn the level down and there goes your Hi hat. Not all the air at 13k, only the hi hat. The thing is it's sometimes so 'invisible' that you have to be very very careful not to overdo it.

Similar with those annoying overcooked kicks in electronic stuff (actually the same track) - big warm gorgeous pad, tubby 190Hz-centric kick. Eq out the kick, pad suffers. Use traditional MB/narrow band compression and you have to sort the time constants to make sure you avoid jumpy stuff and get no distortion. With the infundibulum, you tune it, clip, turn it down and the tubby punch just... disappears.

I should note that there are of course limits. I had to take out a LOT of dynamic low end crap in a tune yesterday, down at 60Hz or so (a really dynamic 808-style kick), and some compromises had to be made, spreading the load a bit between eq, MLA3 low band and the Infundibulum. Doing it all with the unit did cause some distortion. But even then, I was very impressed at how little there really was considering the freq range and amount of work. I'm talking up to 12dB or something here. Really remarkable.

The thing about eq is that you take everything out, even when it's only a transient (in the short term/occasional sense) problem. MB/NB comps are similar, but with the time constants causing their own problems. With this, you can just pull that poky problem crap back into the mix, but only when it needs to.