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Hi all,

As a new Infundibulum owner, Jakob has asked me to make some comments on the unit. I emailed Jakob yesterday to express how happy I am with the unit, and he got back and pointed me here.

I should note that I don't have any affiliation with Gyraf, blah blah - I've had a G14 for 3-4 years and love it, Gyraf have been great when dealing with them, and that's that. I'm posting here out of a desire to help explain a bit about the unit, and hopefully encourage some sales for Jakob as it's something very special. It sounds f#cking GREAT.

I've had the unit for a week, using it every day. Usually with such a complicated unit I'd spend a good while with it before letting it go 'live' on client's masters. That hasn't been the case here, as it's already proved invaluable in a number of cases.

I've included some thoughts I wrote in an email to Jakob below, they may help a bit. Anyone is welcome to ask anything, though I dunno how useful I'll be...

Funnily enough, your email arrived while I was in the middle of a VERY troublesome project today. I have to say that the Infundibulum was a star performer. While I could have done the job without, I don't know if it would have been so straightforward, or sounded so good.

The Sound on Sound review had me a bit worried, as I bought the unit before reading it. It said the unit probably isn't much good for electronic stuff; what a load of bollocks. I almost entirely bought the unit for the purpose of controlling poorly eq'd/compressed kick drums, and it has shone in that role so far.

Perhaps it's because I have wanted something like this for ages, but it just feels really easy to use. Yes, things can poke out in other places when you change things, but being gentle (use with caution!), closing your eyes and using bypass regularly makes things pretty straightforward. There's a definite organic method to its madness

I should also note that it has completely opened up a multitude of gain staging options i hadn't had before. I use a Dangerous Liaison to switch things, and the chain order never ever made such a huge difference before. So I kind of now have the old chain without the Infundibulum where switching the order made some small differences, and loads of other chains with the Infundibulum that all sound totally different. Really quite staggering, to be honest, that will take a while to get used to...