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Liquid Notes 1.4.1.

More control and better navigation

There is a new version of Liquid Notes waiting for you all: the latest version (v1.4.1) includes an interactive song overview that gives you much more control and better navigation. Get our special offer in August for only €129 / $139 (read: here)!

The interactive song overview displays all chord regions at once, so you’ll always know which segment of your song you’re working on. It comes with a slider frame that allows you to select the region to focus on. You may also use it to zoom in and out of a piece, just as you do with the zoom bar at the bottom of the user interface. Dragging the frame takes you to different sections of the piece.

To simplify the workflow and general handling of the software the following features have been added:

  • An interactive Song Overview displays the entire song, complete with all chord regions.
  • The loop bar has been separated from the timeline making the handling of both elements smoother.
  • Links on the Welcome Screen and the Help Menu directly guide you to our tutorial videos.

  • Auto-route comprises new sequencers: Besides Cubase (Windows) and Logic (Mac OS) those are Live (Windows and Mac OS), Studio One (Windows and Mac OS) and Cubase (now also for Mac OS).
  • The Routing Settings offer a functionality for automated routing.

Trial Version
  • After expiration of the 30-day trial, you can continue using it with limited functionality: file save and export as well as routing to external devices wil be deactivated.

  • Update of the Nalpeiron Service Installer (for Windows and Mac OS)

Installer (Windows)
  • The License Manager can be started via the Start Menu.

By the end of September a new update will bring identification of identical and similar segments to the song overview, along with an import feature for single tracks to be combined to multi-tracks in Liquid Notes. That will solve the "multi-channel export"-problem of Ableton Live.

Expect more to come soon, simply follow our blog!

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