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Works Fine

Originally Posted by [email protected] ➡️

Saffire Pro 40 -> ADAT in on 002

I have looked on the internet for HOURS trying to figure out what our problem is. Here is what we've got:

MacBook Pro (early 2011, 2GHz i7 w/ 8GB RAM)
Snow Leopard 10.6.8
Pro Tools HD 9
Saffire Pro 40
Digidesign 002

I have gone in to the Saffire Mix Control while the Saffire is connected via firewire and set the clock source to ADAT and set my desired sample rate. I have also routed the Inputs (NOT the DAW or Mixes) of ADAT 1-8 to go out ADAT 1-8 in the Mix Control Software. I then "Save to Hardware", close Mix Control, and turn off the computer and saffire.

At this point, I unplug the firewire cable from the Saffire, plug it in to the 002 which I then connect to my computer. I turn on the 002, then the saffire, then boot the computer. The saffire says it is LOCKED after the boot. I begin Pro Tools and my I/O setup is complete, everything routed where it should be going (Analog 1-8, ADAT 9-16, all with mono assignments to the corresponding input number) and in the Hardware Setup, I have tried switching back and forth from Internal and Optical, with no luck EITHER WAY. I have gone through this and over this and around this in every way I can see, and I guess I must be missing something.

I DO have the ADAT cables plugged in (In to Out, Out to In) but this just doesn't want to work. I have used other ADAT interfaces before with my 002 with no issues. Please, PLEASE help me. I'm sure it's a simple fix that I'm over looking, but I just can NOT figure this out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This is an older post, but this setup works fine. The link below will help as it shows a pic on how your Mix Control should be routed.

Plug up the firewire cable to your Saffire Pro 40

In Control Mix - Go to file - Clear all - Restore Defaults

Then in Control Mix choose ADAT and assign ADAT Channels

Then in file choose save to hardware - close Control Mix - Disconnect FW cable and plug back in to 003

Connect ADAT cable - Out of Saffire - Into 003

In Pro Tools go to setup - hardware - clock source - Choose ADAT - Optical Format choose ADAT

The Saffire format was saved internally so when you turn it on it will auto stand alone as ADAT slave, just needs the ADAT cable out to the 003 ADAT In

Create a track - choose ADAT 1 on the input of the track and hit the record button to see if you are getting audio from the Saffire

Here's the link that helped me, also I know how frustrating this can be, feel free to email me if anyone needs help..... melodicwave(at)

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