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Originally Posted by _Ludovico ➡️
I'm looking at a few midi keyboard controllers, trying to find a good 88 key, fully weighted piano type, with may levels of velocity (more than 3 or 5 like many keyboards i've seen) for realism and preferably USB instead of regular MIDI cables.

I don't mind all the toys it's only for the studio in a recording situation, and I want to use it with software pianos and synth.

I don't really want to spend 2k$ either... if possible. The perfect thing would cost less than 1k actually.
Looks like the OP bailed on this thread 15 months ago (and is mainly discussing guitars now), but I'll toss in a suggestion for the Yamaha CP33. It's a seriously bombproof stage piano with 88 graded piano keys, USB, Pitch Bend/Modulation wheels, and included sustain pedal. List price $999, wait to get it with one of those 15% coupons that appears now and then. Yamaha's been making them since 2007 and they're built solid for gigging.