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Originally Posted by Muser ➡️
yw gregg. what was wrong with the CME btw ?
The VX series was horrible. The UFs are very different.

If the VX series had worked like advertised and like in the manual I'm convinced they would be the #1 selling controller today. They were beautiful, red, great action, heavy, good buttons, nice display, and motorized faders.

But the problem is a lot of them didn't work or only worked partially. With ones that partially worked, there were problems such as garbled display, encoder memory issues etc. So many didn't work that they closed the CME forum because there was nothing but complaints. I chastised Sweetwater for even carrying the line, and after attempting to work out all my problems via Sweetwater, I sent it back to them...after a year!

They had very poor USA support. Firmware update promises never happened that were supposed to fix lots of stuff. Support from China was non-existant.