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Originally Posted by Muser ➡️
thanks Tui. only 4 skipped velocities. which might not be the system but just you skipped hitting them. btw if the OP objects to these tests I will set up a dedicated thread. do you know if it also sends note off velocities. there should be a midi analysis script in kontakt already.
This is a huge difference from the gaps in the VMK 188+. I chose the VMK 188+ because of its hammer action feel and the number of available controllers. I never thought I would have to worry about velocity. It makes me wonder about the other Studio Logic controllers.

Anyway thank you very much for the Kontakt script. When I'm back home I'm going to load this in Kontakt for future reference.

Why Oberheim (Viscount) stopped producing the MC3000 is beyond me. It felt wonderful and had everything I needed. If CME had made the VX8 actually function as described in the manual they would have a winner too. It was beautiful, great keyboard action, plenty of controllers including motorized faders, and very solid at 75 pounds.