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Originally Posted by jswitch ➡️
Your wish has been fulfilled
Clearly no one has the same wishes. Where are the pitch and mod wheels?

Everyone seems to hold a piano touch in high regard, probably because most keyboard players are trained on the piano. And while I also love a good piano touch (I have a P250), I don't find it's an ideal all-around controller for playing synths or emulating sampled instrument playing styles. Some of the keyboard gymnastics I like to do are actually hard to play on a weighted keyboard (you guys have calluses just below your nails?). Aftertouch can be an expressive tool, but you shouldn't have to fracture your fingers to use it.

And while I've seen a few interesting candidates in this thread, I'm thrown off by the location of the pitch/mod wheels on many of them: I find it completely un-ergonomic to put them north of the keyboard, instead of their traditional position (you guys have a longer left arm?).

The hunt continues!....