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Originally Posted by flatfinger ➡️
Not using every dam bit ????
You should be -6 dBFS to loose the most significant bit. So with -1dBFS you loose only a fraction of it.

To put more oil in the fire of this discussion, IMHO the reason of ISPs on fast limiting and clipping is Gibbs phenomenon.

Gibbs phenomenon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Limiting (and clipping) process extends signal bandwidth by intermodulation (and harmonic) distortions. To return the signal to your initial bandwidth (in ADC or before downsampling in oversampled limiters) you should low-pass it and as the result you'll have peaks above limiting threshold (see Gibbs phenomenon). That's we're talking about.

Now imagine, you have not-oversampled digital limiter or clipper. You have digital samples peaking at 0 dBFS. But "true" peaks of reconstructed high-resolution or continous signal (in DAC or upsampling engine) are above. Why? Because signal is band-limited by half of sample rate.

So you should leave small headroom for that Gibbs guy :-)

Okay, you can ignore him but the argument that most people won't hear distortions that probably can occur, it's a bit frighten me to hear it on mastering forum :-)

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