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Originally Posted by grimreefer ➡️
Nice Find, I believe these are quite sought after, and are very well made, Ive repaired a few of these and I hope the following information is useful;

INST 1 pin 1 = input
pin 2 = ground
pin 3 = output (low level. Possibly reverb only)

i.e. INST 1 socket is a combined input/output

INST 2 & INST 3 pin 1 = input
pin 2 = ground
pin 3 = no connection

i.e. INST 2 & 3 sockets are inputs only, INST 3 bypasses the preamp and
tone controls so is less sensitive, there is a preset level control
for INST 3 at the LH front somewhere, may be within the tape
loop compartment ?

MIC1 & MIC2 Pin 1 = hot ? (Unsure of phasing)
Pin 2 = ground
Pin 3 = cold ? (Unsure of phasing)
Pin 4 = output (high level, possibly Dry + Reverb)
Pin 5 = output (low level. Possibly reverb only)

OUTPUT Pin1 = (high level, possibly Dry + Reverb)
Pin 2 = ground
Pin 3 = (low level. Possibly reverb only)

The two front panel remote conectors are for footswitch conections and will
have no effect on the operation of the unit if left unnconnected.

With an input connected and switched on you should be able to see the
'Magic Eye' responding this is an indication of signal onto the tape loop.

One of the controls below the push buttons (may be tone?) can pull in and out
and is called Norm/Direct this does have an effect on the output but can't
remember now ?

Finally, and I don't wish to be appear patronising be there is a tape loop fitted
isn't there ?

Again very best wishes for this as these are excellent retro units.

Regards Mike A

Blast from the past and maybe a little off topic but I think (for those who are trying to repair one, like I am) that it's important to notice that the Output (Ausgang) pins are actually

1. Dry
2. Ground
3. Delay/Rvb return

the rest is right but I felt somehow this needed to be corrected because I had the same problem as a lot of people have with this unit, which is : no echo, echo pots controls are because level controls for low weird buzz, ear-scorching noises while pushing trough the different settings, I thought that the whole delay part wasn't working because I had read here that the 1 pin was supposed to give me Dry + Wet when in fact the problem was simply coming from the calbe I used which only had the 1 and 2nd pins (since that's all you need to use the instrument input). You can also make a Din 3 and split it to two RCA using the Instr input 1 (the 3rd pin is an output too, as you stated before)

I have the schematics with some useful annotations on it as to what goes where etc (in French, sorry I can translate it all if needed). The previous guy who had it just sent it to me (obviously JUST after I spent a night trying to figure out the paths) and I just went like "I just spent a whole night because of an instrument cable"