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Crucial has recently introduced SSDs at some REALLY good price points.
Nice to see $/gig are getting near to platter HD levels.

240 GB = $219
480 GB = $399
960 GB - $599

Review at Anandtech
AnandTech | The Crucial/Micron M500 Review (960GB, 480GB, 240GB, 120GB)

This quote pretty much sums up how most of us have been feeling about SSDs:

"This is probably the most excited I've been about any SSD launch in quite a while. At CES this year, Crucial announced its M500 SSD - the world's first to use Micron's new 128Gbit MLC NAND die. Courtesy of the cost savings and density increase associated with this new 128Gbit NAND, the M500 would be available in a 960GB capacity, priced at $599. That works out to be around $0.62 per GB for a truly gigantic drive by today's standards. It's exciting. For the past five years I've been learning to live off of less storage that I thought I needed, but the M500 had the potential to spoil me once again."

I know what I'm going to be using as a boot drive once they're back in stock...