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Originally Posted by johanpop ➡️
So how good are products? Well I have the answer! They ROCK!!! :D

Our studio "RamPac" is located in the center of Stockholm, which we recently moved in to. It's inside a studio complex and our room is approximately around 20m2. The problem was that we had seriously bad sound. We couldn't do any good productions or mixes. I bought a couple of Event Opal speakers but still our mixes didn't translate any good, actually they sounded crap. The room contained an old vocal booth that wasn't any good either.

I contacted Diffusor and met with them at our studio.
Since we can use a 20m2 recording room next door we decided that we could do without the vocal booth in our room. Instead they suggested we build a wall to trap the bas. Said and done, we tore down the vocal booth and build a double wall (after diffusor design) 60cm from the back wall and 30cm from the walls to the left and right. Huge improvement! Second we got the Diffusor starter kit, now it started to sound good! Still we needed to "tune" the room so Diffusor came and visited again. It took about one hour of tuning and trying different setting but when we where done, I can seriously say our room rocks!!! The frequencies are now near flat, we went from 18db boost at around 46hz to flat. Our mixes are now translating and probably never sounded this good before! Diffusor is definitely worth checking out if you need to treat your room! I'll post some pics if anyone is interested!

Johan Ramström

Nice to hear that it turned out well for you. Some pictures would be great, if possible some measurements of the room.

I myself use products from and I know how a room ROCKS when it comes to his diffusers and Helmholtz devices. He is the best

One hour to tune, that is