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Here for the gear
@benjh1 deserves an award for this post!!

Thank you for posting this @benjh1... You are a rockstar!

I put together my Pro Tools 8 LE studio about 2 years ago and have had wires running all over the place as I was adding components to it over time. I finally decided to shut everything down and rearrange my studio so all wires were concealed. Once I plugged everything back in and fired it all up, suddenly Pro Tools could not find my Avid Mbox!! Thank God I found this post!

I just followed your beautifully detailed directions and walla!! Everything is back to normal. However, the only thing that didn't work was the link to download the drivers, so here is another link to Avid's download page: Drivers for Avid Audio Hardware

For the person that may not know, when you go to the Avid download page, if you have an external Mbox, as I do, then you will need to click the "USB Device Drivers" link, a drop down menu will appear, then you can choose the drivers for your particular external Mbox unit.

Thank you again @benjh1 ~ YOU ARE A HERO!!