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Would be appreciated if Matts can post some measurements of their diffusorers. I have hard time understanding how they can operate so deep as advertised.

The Wing family is well documented both in theory ,measurments and statements from wellknown musicians
Each Wing module use different long time delay lines and with a max lenght of over 80 cm they create temporal diffusion down to around 250 Hz As they are different animals then QRD PRD etc diffusors its not possible to optimize with BEM Instead hard but fun work to complete the family Welcome to Audio Data Lab - Audio and Acoustics did manage to calculate the finished S-wing in CATT and the result was spot on realworld measurments

Some measurments from 2013 Only Wing treatment
Decay time before (emty rooms) was 2-4 times higher Result valid above 250Hz just to show "the Wing effect"

10m2 10 std S-wing randomly put on the walls (no treatment in ceiling)



35 m2 67 modules from the Wing family (walls and ceiling)
roomlayout with comments:
new home for my Magico Q1

60m2 130 modules from the Wing family (walls and ceiling)

Wing modules create a S-field even in small spaces Its possible becouse each module work broadbanded in the nearfield (create pink bursts in time and minimize boundery effects )
CATT simulation ( Welcome to Audio Data Lab - Audio and Acoustics ) examples of the S-wing compared to flat wall
flat wall result left



The reinforced paper S-wing is a low budget diy module (up to 50 packed on each pallet )
10 diy paper wings in the same 10m2 room (no ceiling treatment)



Ex of paper S-wing on walls and ceiling
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