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Symetrix 501 Versions

Hi Folks.
I was involved as a tech at the Symetrix factory from 1987-1994. Here are some facts I know about the 501 evolution:

1. monkeyxx's blackface 501 is the earliest model I know of - with an anodized or painted aluminum front panel, and a very different company logo; about the same vintage as the CL-100.
Rick Chinn - care to chime in?

2. Next came a version that still had toggle switches for power on, but had an aluminum front panel with a lexan graphic overlay glued to it. The print looked nice and sharp, but the lexan is fragile - be careful not to wrinkle or tear the lexan if you change pots! The company logo changed to a common font style, and to my knowledge, this was the primary era for the green-colored, square-shaped Valley People TA-101 VCA's.

3. Next came the grey-painted steel front panel, with white lettering sillk-screened on top of the grey undercoat. These actually had two different VCA's during their respective sub-era.
--A) The blue, rectangular Valley People EGC-101;
--B) A transition period that may have had a DBX 2150A mounted on a "daughter board" PCB that plugged into (was soldered onto) the motherboard;
--C) The (closer to final) revision that had the DBX 2150A directly mounted on the motherboard.

Of interest about sub-era 3 (B): many other units in the 500 Series product line went through this transition phase, I remember having to hand-solder a few daughterboard DBX 2150A's into model# 528's, possibly into 525's as well (basically anything that had a EGC-101 VCA in it).

It's possible that Dane Butcher, James Husted, or Gordon Doucette might remember some of these early changes better than I.