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Since no one has pitched in here, I'll give you my out of date viewpoint. I mixed a small number of hours for them in 2010 and 2011, but not 2012. In those 2 years their spec sheet was not exactly specific about that, as they talk about 5.1, dialog loudness (dialog is almost entirely in the center channel only) and then say it is measured as per BS 1770-1. BS 1770-1 does NOT use the LFE channel for measurement. Trouble is, all flavors of BS 1770 measure all channels of a 5.1 mix. So, I sent 5.1 mixes that are pegged at -23 using all channels. One of those was quite heavy in the surrounds, which pushes the loudness number down (louder) compared to measuring the center channel only. Both passed QC without a flag, so that's what I would do again unless they've changed their spec sheet.

Anyway, their programs are typically very heavily scripted with end-to-end narration so there really won't be much difference either way.

LM100 has not been updated to include more modern gating modes, also it's peak meter is not "true peak" (different readings than my LM6 makes me believe that). I'd pay very close attention to their latest spec sheet if those terms are included, or if they say "BS-1770-3".