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Old 18th November 2012
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Vintage Maker Passive Summing mixer

I was considering the Rolls 16 ch passive summing mixer but on Ebay, I discovered Paul Taylor's Vintagemaker products. I emailed him to ask some questions and found his response to be positive and quick. I asked him to build me a 24 ch passive summing mixer with the insert feature and 8 chs of mono/stereo (switchable). He made and delivered the unit for $1076 and within 2 weeks (most of that shipping time was in customs in NY).
He sent pics via email and regular updates as the unit was made.
I plugged it into my studio, 1-24 Pro tools (Outs) and found the Neve 1272s to be the best sounding pre amps for the 2 buss on the mixes I was working on. the TubeTech MP1A also sounded great, the Focusrite was nice and the APIs were ok, too. My REVIEW: Clarity and Glue. It clearly sounds better than in the box summing, but you all knew that would be the case. It also sounds better than the AMEK console that I had been using for summing mixes. I had sold the console and this was one of the replacement parts. I am Very Happy. I would highly recommend Paul Taylor's custom built products. he was easy to deal with, great communication and ultimately a great sounding box that let me interface the preamps I already have as the 2 buss. A serious upgrade for a box that is reasonably priced for what it does. I would love to hear the other active summing mixers that he makes, but for now, I am a happy studio owner with the box he sent me. Thanks, Paul.