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Originally Posted by dogma ➡️
Im so interested in these. Gotta be honest - I'm not terribly familiar with the API "sound" and was wondering, in case I don't like it or just or interest sake, here for people wanting to build the VP28 - with OP-Amp and transformer configuration whether you can get a tight low end, less pronounced mids and softened highs. I;m sure you could - the very beauty of DIY are the choices afforded to the builder. So any config tips?
well i'm no api expert here. i've had eisen 312 preamps and now the vp28. the eisens were sold to get the vp28's and neither myself or the other guys i do music with regret that.

if you want tight low end, less pronounced mids and soft highs and cleaner/smoother allround that's daking.

the vp28 has tight low end, forward mids and smooth highs but with a nice level of distortion/drive

comparing the 312 variant api clone with the vp28 i'd say the vp28 has more low end and more mid drive, it's fatter throughout. thicker and sweeter than what i've heard before. kinda of has a growl in the mids but retains a tight bottom end. the eisen didn't have the same bottom end or growl.

it really must be the extra circuits that do this as the front ends of both units were almost identical with the same transformers and opamps. but the vp28 has the rest of the channel strip built in. to be honest what i hear with the vp28 sounds like the albums i listen to that were recorded through api consoles.

my vp28 has the 2520 on the input and the 1731 on the output. that seemed to be the preferred setup by others so that's what was ordered.

don't get me wrong, i love the daking as well it's superb also. i love em both.

i haven't had a chance to try more configurations with the vp28 input output faders yet but seems the preamp has a very big range going from clean to slammed when you push the input ldnhard.

i can't imagine needing anything more than a rack of vp28's and dakings. i also can't imagine how someone wouldn't like the sound of the vp28. it really is that good.