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Originally Posted by Ambience ➡️
Malay! Awesome work dude!

First off, how long have you been musically playing? Seems like your musicality is definitely a strong suit for you! Great talent man!

You say your synths were arturia, care to say which ones? It seems odd that your synths on the album were in the box when they truly sound analogue. When listening to a song like Pyramids, the synths throughout the whole song get you. Any specifics on the plug-ins and synth like stuff for the geeks? Lol

Thanks Malay! Truly cannot wait to hear your future material!
I use all of the arturia analog remakes... On that particular song the lead synth was actually from omnisphere (played live thru the chain I described previously), I created the main chop with some analog bell type sound off an original juno 106 and some choir sounds from the mtron. Bass was live, high pad sounding thing during the transition from side 1 to side 2 was and ebow on my Strat. The pad on side 2 is an oberheim ob-8... Hmm, oh yeah, the arpegiator thing is done on the arturia CS-80