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Hey guys... My writing process with most artists (including frank) is very artist specific i.e. I don't make tracks on my own time. Id rather go into the studio with the artist and/or writers and create from scratch. I used to do the track thing when I was younger, but it never really worked out for me. I find creating ideas from scratch with the artist is much more rewarding and allows for the song and the sound to be catered to the specific project. A typical session for me starts with me laying down some musical ideas (guitars, keys, drums) and we'll start laying down some lyric/melody concepts... Keep growing it into vibe.. A concept.. Hopefully a song. If it veers off path, I'd rather ditch it and try again another time. Through the years, I've realized music should never be forced.

I love gear, shitty stuff, vintage stuff, new stuff.. Anything to create on. I've made music on bootleg versions of cubase (big boi) and on the other end re-tracked vox thru a studer A827-- back thru a Fairchild 670 (comp) 1073 (eq) back into tools (part of the post process on channel orange). Im kinda rambling like a f*k!n idiot right now, so I'll just list some gear I remember using on the records...

vocals: U47 and 251 (vintage), M149, sm58 (yup)-
elec guitars: re20 and m160 (fender Princeton, ac-30)
acoustic guitars: royer 122 (tube), u47, Km84.
Bass: DI chain is trace elliot GP12 into avalon 737 (just for eq), then squashed thru 1176. Amp is always B-15 (fliptop) with re20.
Strings: ribbons! i.e. Coles 4038 stereo room, RCA 44 for close on violins, u67 for cellos
Vox chain: 1073/cl1b or 1073/Fairchild 670, also used standalone Avalon 737 (part of a mobile rig we created)...

I play old strats, les Paul, 335 (electrics).. P Bass, epiphone eb-2, Yamaha piece of shit ive had since high school (basses).. Juno 106, Wurlitzer, b-3 organ, Rhodes (keys). Computer stuff is arturia (best shit ever), battery (can still load all my old mpc sounds!), mtron (baddass).... I play the virtual stuff out of my laptop rig (tools/duet2) into my HD rig. Always send the duet through stereo pair of 1073 (any software based stuff has to leave the computer and hit some kind of circuit board).

I guess I could get more detailed on specific setups if y'all have questions about certain tones/songs or whatever. Thanks for listening and appreciate the love.