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I've have three of these pres. one V1 and 2 V2's. The other pres I have to compare them to are the Chandler Germs (rack version), VP26, A designs Red and Blue and Toft Console pres. Of the lot I find the Triton's the most balanced. Not mid forward like the VP26 or really colored like the Germs. It presents a clear and accurate picture of the source in fet mode and with tube-fet engaged I get a nice warming/rounding of the transients.

These pres really are my favorite on female vox, male jazz/blues/folk vox, Acoustic gtr w/ R84's, or the Blue Cactus and drums overheads. In fact on the last 5 songs I've recorded drums on the D2O's never let the over heads. On overheads you can hear and see the rounding off the transients. It's almost like getting compression without a compressor.

I really love the D2O and it seems to be one of the better tube pre out there.