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If critcal listening means expose everything in the recording and take you to the tracking rooms acoustics (erase the influence of the listening room ) the answer is no
Instead we need a room in balance and reflections broadbanded time delayed as long and even as possible Then we end up in the spaciousness field
Ex from a 25m2 room, directional speakers
The Lawn of reflections create pinknoice in time

To achive this spaciusness sound field in a small room you need single modules were each module (this example V-Wing ) create broadbanded temporal diffusion just in front of the module You can see it like pink noice bursts like this and they should cover all first reflection points ,250mm deep and almost 5ms delay with low and even absorbtion

23 wings spread out in a 25m2 room . MBL omnidirectinoal speakers

Over the years I have noticed that the normal threshold for reflections is ruled out Its just the s-field that moves up and down in level (even bigger rooms with reflections -30dB have the same acoustic feeling )

We have now turned the listening rooms reflections into something that activate the brain to expose different time masking effects due to strong transients (check masking Perceptual Audio Demonstrations)

and better hear the acoustics in the tracking room , timbre and details in acoustic instruments and voices

The S-field concept is very easy to test ,just put wings on all wall reflection points with 1.2m high modules and listening sitting Then stand up so the ears come over the Wings and you here how you leave the S-field

The Wing family is launched under september