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Originally Posted by artech909 ➡️
WOW! Why so much hate against UA guys?
This is PARTNERSHIP deal with Sonnox (plug-in's ported with Brainworx UAD SDK) so UA didn't code anything in this EQ. If you don't know the details this your own fault but this is not a reason for such a stupid hate.
Actually, I disagree. We understand UAD's partnerships and that UAD didn't code this. What the issue is, is why? This plugin has been around forever. What is the point of it being on UAD? One or two people have given reasons for them being happy for it to be on UAD, but IMHO, I do not see a valid reason.

Other forums won't be slamming it as such, but this is gearslutz. The reason we are all here is to talk about gear. When new gear comes out, we get excited and give opinions as to whether that item is a good idea or not. In this case, I cannot see that a plugin, which has been available Native and on TC Powercore (which I also own alongside my UAD-2 cards) for many years, being relevant enough to be re-released, without any differences from two versions that already exist. It is here and UAD have done it, fine, but I and many others cannot see the point to it. It is not hate, just complete and utter indifference. UAD roll out the marketing fan fair for all new plugins to cause a reaction and this time round, the reaction is........why?