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Hey Doug,
How are things at Gravity?

I just wanted to chime in here because my tech and I built 6 of the CAPI VP 26’s a little over a year ago and I agree that they are fantastic.

I have had these things next to a lot of highly regarded pre amps and the CAPI’s are as good as anything out there and are an amazing deal at the price.
I preferred the sound and flexibility of the VP 26’s to the API 3124 when using them side by side. the top end is smoother on the VP 26, but still open and clear.........

Jeff is very friendly and knowledgeable and it seems his only problem is that the tranny manufacturer cant make the things fast enough to satisfy the growing demand for his fabulous products.

The VP 28’s look very cool as well with the extra gain stage, but my only complaint is that the output fader is stepped. I like to ride the output fader on the VP 26’s during a performance from time to time (especially exceptionally dynamic singers) and I would not have that option with the VP 28.

Jeff, is there any chance for a VP28 with a continuously variable output fader?

Overall I think CAPI is currently the best bang for your buck discrete mic pre out there on the market.