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Old 10th July 2012
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Interesting graph, thanks.

It pretty much correlates to what I said...OK, the peak isn't quite as massive as I had imagined...but note that it had already leveled off by the mid-90s, that's not internet piracy causing that. Even consumer CD burners weren't commonplace by then either...

OK, you can see where Napster hits. But there's already a plateau before, part of that decline is to do with other factors (consider all the 'consumer competition' you just mentioned, that was concurrently reaching new heights; also that mid-90s was peak-MTV...record sales had other adversaries). And, like I said, it's not THAT far off the the mid-80s now...now, obviously there's a population increase that's not being taken into account.
I still think the reason artists aren't making the money they used to is less to do with record sales, and more to do with the decline of radio/MTV and a host of other factors (like an increasing number of artists in general and access to free-music etc)...

Anyway, I'm not going to pretend I know the answers. But I think the record sales point is exaggerated, and I certainly don't like when I hear it used as a reason to justify mass-censorship on the internet.

Yeah of course it's a big problem, but that's just a massive change in society...the internet is undermining/changing everything else in retail too.