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Originally Posted by emilision ➡️
let's not forget the 90s was a massive blip in the history of the record industry; boom time, not a normal model...
that's a common misconception. (often regurgitated by piracy advocates. *not accusing you, just pointing out the fact!) the 90s was more likely the tail end of the steady growth of the industry up until broadband internet access became commonplace, and it became a socially acceptable norm to steal music.

(have a look at the numbers provided by rack gear above; correlate them with data that shows broadband penetration over the same timeframe and they tell most of the story.)

Originally Posted by emilision ➡️
The big problem, in terms of monetization, is that the conduit that you receive free music through, doesn't pay licensing for it.
sure, that's a big problem. agreed.

but the whole sales thing is kind of a big problem too, don't you think?