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Originally Posted by emilision ➡️
Sorta; problem is the money isn't there for the kind of studio time of yesteryear...that's what I meant though, saturation, quantity, and lower quality...

They're not uber, let's not forget the 90s was a massive blip in the history of the record industry; boom time, not a normal model...
I disagree... here's 1973 - 2008...

the years correspond to excel row numbers, the graph represents 36 years of data 1973 - 2008.

Excel graphed the years as follows:

1973 is plot point "1"

1979 is plot point "7"

1999 is plot point "27"

2008 is plot point "36"

data source: http://musicbusinessresearch.files.w...obal-sales.jpg

so it looks like the economy and consumer competition really isn't that big of a factor after all, again, looking at 36 years of data... the 90's may have been the peak, but that's only because of the illegal exploitation of content without compensation that began at the turn of the century.

remember that each decade saw it's own added consumer competition...

the 70s saw the initial release of VCRs and Video Cassettes as well as video game consoles and cartridges,

the 80s
saw home video boom as VHS matured, cable tv boomed, new types of youth sports took hold,

the 90s saw the introduction of DVDs, home computers became household items, people started paying for internet service, and cell phones began to be common place...

and yet through each one of those decades (without rampant online piracy) sales grew steadily until broadband reaches ubiquity at the turn of the century...

then, the sales plummet.