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Originally Posted by Graham Tobias ➡️
You might consider checking out Nimbit. It's a pricier solution, but offers marketing tools and a direct to fan platform in addition to distribution.
Any suggestions for somebody not interested in marketing tools, just a cheap and simple way to distribute to as many sites as possible?
I used TuneCore but they got too expensive.
There's a small (but growing) niche audience for recordings of unusual instruments and historical songs but in stock-market verbiage it's a long term small growth stock. Tunecores fees were eating up all the income.

Catapult is sounding like the best for me. Anybody have experience with them?
from their site;
We charge a one time setup fee of $25 for each album submitted for digital distribution ($9 for singles or ringtones). After that, we pay you 91% of the royalties received from the respective music store. There are no hidden fees. How's that for fair?

For example: If iTunes sells one of your songs for .99 cents. They would pay us .70 cents, and we would then pay you 91% of the .70 cents.