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I've been a Smashing Pumpkins fan for a long time and I enjoy most of Corgan's material. I admire his ability and willingness to cover a lot of ground musically, from heavy to light, rock, pop, electronica, etc... It's interesting to note that on an internet pole a large majority of voters considered the Smashing Pumpkins as the best band of the nineties, and I can't say that I disagree. Butch Vig, Alan Moulder, and countless others can attest to Billy's musicianship, focus, and work ethic and I don't doubt those things. Having said that, I do think that Corgan was very fortunate to have the pinnacle of his musical creativity coincide with the social context of the 90's. The planets were in alignment for Corgan and he was able to achieve astronomical success with the Pumpkins. I don't care much for his new material, and although I think Corgan is extemely talented, I don't think the new stuff would have been well recieved in 93'. I do agree with Corgan in regards to the unwillingness of people to pay for music. Unfortunately, we now live in a world in which people expect to be instantly entertained for free with the click of a button. I really do believe that the internet, and all things related, has changed the way people think and function. Some important values (patience and privacy come to mind) are dwindling, and having the world at our fingertips has made many spoiled and jaded. Having said that, I do become irritated by Corgan's pessimistic "poor me, poor us" mentality and would like to see him acknowledge the fact that he is very fortunate to have made a successful career doing what he loves. There is a large majority of people out there working 9-5 jobs which they absolutely hate to support their musical endeavors. These people could work their 9-5 jobs for a hundred years and never make one tenth of the money Billy has made. That's all.