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Michael Franks' "Sleeping Gypsy", "The Art of Tea" etc...

Thank you Sir for hanging out with us!

I would love to hear a bit about Michael Franks' 70s albums that you worked on; in particular my favorites "The Art of Tea" and "Sleeping Gypsy". Can you share some info on how they were recorded/mixed?

They have such a great combination of dry/funky rhythm section, lush strings and of course Michael Franks' voice delivering those clever lyrics over rich harmonies.

Was the rhythm section recorded live? Even the strings at the same time? Especially I would love to know about recording the drums and the Rhodes piano (I'm a keyboardist myself). Also if you could share some info on recording/mixing the string section.

About Michael's vocals; what chain did you use? What reverb? It sounds like he's singing at a low volume (does he?), which to me always made it sound very intimate.

Thanks in advance!