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Originally Posted by HeIsBigPat ➡️
Hello Everyone,

I am brand new to gear slutz. I am an upcoming hip hop artist from Connecticut. I am currently in the process of buying equipment to build a studio. One thing I hear a lot of people say is having a good Mic and Mic Preamp.

With That Said

1. What are your top five suggestions for Mic's under $1000

2. What are your top five suggestions for Mic Pre-Amps under $1000

3. What else do you feel is essential to building your own home studio set-up?

Please help!

Thank You!

Top five mics under $1000 - AKG C414, Shure SM7b, Mojave Audio M200, Shure KSM 44, AT 4047

Top five preamps under $1000 - Great River ME 1NV, Universal Audio 610, Daking Mic Pre One, Dav BG1, maybe you could look into the new Focusrite ISA Two

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