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Originally Posted by Mctwins ➡️
If Behringer says ruler flat from 15-20K then I trust them.
Right............. this would be because we all know manufacturers would never Ever lie about their products....

So Wonder Bread really does build strong bodies 12 ways?

And Sketches is obviously paying 40 million dollars even though their muscle toning sneakers really do work?

This is coming from someone who claims that manufacturers who provide room treatments (other than what he touts as being God's gift to the acoustic community) lie about the effectiveness of their products.

One can always debate if this is right or wrong.
Umm..... there is nothing to debate - your claim that it's true not withstanding (this obviously because Behringer has a reputation in the industry for being absolutely ethical and all that) - the fact of the matter is that you were provided (in this very thread) with test results proving otherwise - your choice to ignore that report doesn't make it false, just as your belief in their published numbers doesn't make them true.

Not everybody can buy a expensive mic, but this mic is a good starting point.
And not a single expert here ever said it wasn't a good choice for someone who is not going to do this work for a living - but it is you who claimed it's excellence - and that it is not........... if it really was as good a mic as you believe we would all be flocking to buy a bunch of them.

Why would we bother spending hundreds - even thousands of dollars on testing mics when we could have this fantastic mic for just 50 bucks?

People don't even have the money to buy treatments and still want's a perfect room acoustics.
And what does that have to do with anything?

I have super powers in how to take care of the low end problems of a room.
Or perhaps just a very vivid imagination..........