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Originally Posted by Rythm'BackStudio ➡️
Hi Jay

Thank you so much for doing this.

Ain't Life Grand is a favorite of mine. I love the overall sound, and every song has it's own thing going on. Can you elaborate on the mixing process. How did the tracks sound when you got them? What did you mix on/with? Your focus.. And so on. Anything you will share is cool.

Thank you

Regards Jon
Hey Jon,
The tracks sounded good when I first heard them. There were a couple of last minute overdubs that I recorded in New York. We mixed it in 2 different studios, and both on Neve desks. The first studio was Manhattan Center Studios, and the place we finished it at was Chung King.
Slash was always there, but would leave Jack Douglas and myself alone, to do the mix. But if he ever heard anything he didn't like, he would speak up immediately with some cool idea. He's got great ears.
The shape and concept of the record was already there (in the recorded tracks), so for me, it was a matter of making what was recorded sound as good as I could.