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Originally Posted by phatbeatstudio ➡️
Hello Jay and let me say what a honour it is to have you here on Gearslutz . Could you give use a basic idea of how you like to pan a drum set I know there is a hundred factors to consider so lets say a standard 5 peice with just hihat ride 2 crash,s doing a full 3 tom roll down. In a heavier rock type sound. and thank you again for taking the time for us on Gearslutz
For the most punch from a low tom, I tend to put it in the middle, with the 2 rack toms being a little left and right of center. I like listening from the audience perspective or how I'm looking at the drummer,in the studio, if I'm recording them. If I don't have the lo tom in the center, and they are panned from hi to lo, I always keep them in from full left/right panning. I usually do the same for hat (not panned full left or right). If I have some good room tracks, that I'm going to use a lot of in the mix, I'll bring the overheads in from the sides a bit, and keep the room tracks full left and right.