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Old 27th April 2012
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Originally Posted by Ron Vogel ➡️
I saw in aother thread that you use the AT4050...As an extreme low-ended over here...It's my only condenser!

I use it for vox mainly, but lately have been using it it wherever I'd normally use a SM57, and have been using a 57 on vox; go figure!

Just wondering the types of things you favor the mic on, and any vocal examples on commercial recordings I can check out.

Only reason I ask is that mine farts out on loud passages (I sing super loud), and unless I hit the pad the mic breaks up.

Any set-up tips would be greatly appreciated!

You can use that mic on almost anything. You definitely need the pad for high sound levels. I've used it on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. For vocals, at my studio, I usually go into an API 512b, and right into Pro Tools, through my Mytek converters. I usually have the 80cps roll off on. If there is a chance I may have some loud passages, I put the pad on right away.