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If you like the HS50's that's fine, but they are not at all like the NS10's. I know people liked the NS10's because they had the mid's pushed out which is where are the important instruments and voices are. It allowed you to hear the mid detail since there was very little bass. Plus the high end was bad and you had to put tissue paper in front of the tweeters. With all those issues, I am still surprised how many want them in their studio. They sound like crap, plain and simple. There are so many better monitors that push the mid's out that sound better than the NS10's. But because studios had them 20 years ago in their studios when there was a more limited about of monitors to choose from, does not mean we should use them now. I like the HS50's a lot better than the NS10's.

Personally I would get the Focal Solo's that push the mid's forward to hear the mid detail. Much better quality amps inside than these budget monitors which helps gives a more accurate presentation of your music. Then have a pair of Genelec which has a more recessed mid character while offering a more depth information on reverb tails. These low end monitors don't represent what your car stereo speakers sound like that has tons of bass and high's. If you want to know how a mix would sound in a car stereo, get JBL's. If you want a better idea of how music sounds with heaphones and your IPod, get the HS50s.