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Originally Posted by phatbeatstudio ➡️
I have really been trying to figure this out , if I use EQ on the master buss should I put it on first before everything or last after everything. I dont know if it matters but I asume it does. Are there any general settings you might use as a starting point. I have a stereo pair of Millennia Origin STT1 and Rupert Neve Portico2 stereo pair of channel strips. I generaly use the Millennia,s on the master because there is not really any color to them. What do you think.

thanks for taking the time for a bunch of gearslutz like us

I don't put anything on the stereo bus until I'm really happy with the mix. A truly dimensional mix comes from spending the time and care with individual elements of the mix. I'm not saying not to use your outboard on the stereo bus, I'm just saying wait until your happy with everything. This will make you work harder to get things to 'speak'. You should be able to focus in on anything in the mix and listen to it all the way through.