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Originally Posted by DanH ➡️
Hi Jay - thanks so much for doing this..

The majority of my work involves recording and mixing in-studio performances live to 2-track. I was wondering if you have any tips or advice for this type of recording, whether you prefer this approach or now-traditional production work flows, or any other insight and guidance you may have in this area.

Thanks again, and much respect for your work!

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,
I love to record right to 2 trk. I like the energy in the studio, as well as the control room. There is a certain clarity to the sound (much less processing and electronics to go through), that makes for a special recording. The key, for me, is to make everybody as comfortable as possible in order to get the best performance from everyone. I feel that is the most important thing. If the performance is not great, who cares what it sounds like. It's all about the music.
I try to create a relaxed environment right from the time I walk in the studio, and continue that throughout the session. I usually ask the musicians for their patients, while I get sounds and they get used to headphones (if they are using them). I stagger the schedule for musicians to be in the studio, so no one is standing around waiting, for very long.
If you've done your homework and are totally prepared, you can expect a fun, and energy packed day.