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Originally Posted by hAPIguy ➡️
Hi Jay,

Can you please talk a bit about the industry regarding unsigned artists?

- Do many producers at your level still work with and develop unknown artists?
- Do you know of some ways to get "noticed" in online distribution?
- Entry level publishing - how to choose types of publishers and the benefits to unknown artists.

I know these are broad categories but anything you could offer would be helpful, I'm sure.


I've just finishing mixing a band from Athens, Greece (Wild Machine). I sent them the last mix, which they liked, and was happy to hear them say they've been approached by several labels. They were able to get all the recording done, in Athens, because one of the guitar players worked in a studio, and acted as the band's engineer. When they were done recording, they contacted me. I'm sure there are other engineer/producers that work with unsigned acts.
You have to be creative with your efforts to get 'noticed' online. Take advantage of all the possibilities (You Tube, Pure Volume). You can create podcasts that may benefit others, while getting exposure for yourself. Depending on how you word your description of your podcast, can determine who you get 'linked' to when a search word is entered.
Playing at local venues has always been a way to get the word out.

I'm can't help you on the publishing end of things. I'm a bit separated from that end of the business.