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Originally Posted by FoxMulderFBI ➡️
First of all, respect to you!

My question:

Which compressor do you mostly use for parallel compression and do you have any tip do dial the right sound for parallel compression on drums, both live and samples?

One extra question:

How are Kiss guys, is it easy to work with them? Any good stories?

Thank you very much!!!


I like to use a compressor (especially an Audio Design - Compex Limiter F760X-RS) that has a 'release' control. I like this because I can almost tune the compression to the tempo of the song. Or by slowing the release time, it will 'tighten' the drum sound by not bringing up all the 'in between' sound that happens between kick or snare hits. For example, that slower release time will reduce any excess cymbals on the snare track.
I mostly send kick and snare to the compressor, and try to affect some drastic limiting. It doesn't necessarily sound good by itself, but when added to the uncompressed drums, it brings them alive.
I had a very easy time, each time I worked with Kiss. It was always a lot of fun, and glamour, like going to Studio 54 after the sessions. Like most big stars, they are just people, like you and I. I've stayed in touch with Ace, over the years and recorded some tracks for him on his latest album.