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Originally Posted by Jay Messina ➡️
Hi Cary,

I have many fond memories of Record Plant. It was a special, family kind of atmosphere. If I were to pick a favorite engineer of mine, it wold be Roy Cicala. He's certainly the most inventive one I know.
As far as learning some skills at RP (and A&R), I'd have to say I learned a lot from the musician friends I had, that I would bring in the studio (on off hours) and just experiment. They would want to record some songs they wrote or arranged, and I wanted to practice my engineering. I was fortunate to have, as friends, the best studio players in town. The Brecker Brothers, Mike Mainieri, Steve Gadd, Tony Levin, to name just a few. Listening to their feedback was invaluable to me, both at Record Plant and A & R Studios (I was at A&R before RP)

The 2 records that stood out to me were Sgt. Peppers' and Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Seriously brought a grin to my face reading about you, Tony Levin and Steve Gadd in particular!

Thanks a lot for the reply Jay. Trying to make recordings feel special in this day an age is a bit taxing at times, but when I read or talk with people from your generation in particular I always feel inspired and a bit renewed.

- Cary.