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Originally Posted by _Ludovico ➡️
Hello Mr. Messina, thank you so much for your contribution on Gearslutz!

I have always been in love with the sound on Dynasty, I find it raw yet polished, hard to describe really...anyway.

I would like to know about the guitar amplifiers used during the sessions, and most importantly, how you got this killer bass tone, especially on Sure know something? Was it mic'ed only or DI'ed? Or both?

About the drums... Do you remember the mic setup used? Especially on the snare! Those snares are just awsome...

If I may still... what kind of desks were used for recording and mixing?

Thank you so much,


I really don't remember about all the guitar amps we used, but I do know we used some of Ace's extensive collection. He had some good sounding Fender Tweeds.
I believe we used an Ampeg B-15 bass amp. The sound was from the DI and mic on the amp. The mic was an RE-20.
I probably used U-87's as overheads (which picks up lots of the snare sound) and a 57 on the snare. I may have also had a Shotgun-405 high above the snare with a lot of limiting (1176).
The tracks were recorded at Electric Lady on a Focusrite desk, and the rest of the record was recorded at Record Plant, on Spectrasonics and API consoles. It was mixed at RP on the API.