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Originally Posted by thenoodle ➡️
I'm not sure at what stage you were involved on these, but I've always been interested.....

Three Dog Night- Hard Labor Album--

Were you there for tracking? Which songs were you in on for tracking or mix? What were they recording on? 24 track? Twin sync machines?
If you were there for tracking, did the three singers also play on the tracks (since all are guitar players too). Loved their drummer Floyd Sneed.
This album seems to be about the time the act was slowing down or falling apart. Any memories of the 3DN sessions?

Toys in the Attic... "Sweet Emotion"-

How was the lead guitar set up and mic'd? Was it a Marshall? Stack? Was Joe in the control room with the amp out in the studio set to 11? Great sound on that. Were the lead parts double tracked?

Tonight I Celebrate My Love (Roberta Flack) ...
What's the reverb? lex 250? Live chamber? Plate?

Lady Love Me (George Benson)...

Which reverb on the main wash for that one? ... also, the hi-hat is very prominent in a nice isolated spot... was that an overdub?.. Or if not an overdub, how was the hh micd to get that separation. Were these George Benson era tracks still on 24 track analog? Or Digital? Do you remember which machine?

Ha ha... I sound like I have you on the witness stand in court. Sorry about the rapid fire questions!!

I did a few weeks of vocals with 3DN at Record Plant in Ca. Roy Cicala was recording the album but had to return to NY for some reason. He asked me to cover for him and continue with the project. I also did some mixes back in New York, but don't remember which songs. I believe it was 24 trk.

The lead on Sweet Emotion was recorded on the wooden floor section of Studio A at Record Plant. Joe probably played through a Fender tweed, which we had at Record Plant. It didn't have to be 'tear your head off' loud to get an awesome sound out of it. He was in the studio with the amp. It was not double tracked.

I don't recall if I mixed that Roberta Flack track, but the reverb of choice, at Record Plant, was one of four plates that were available for Studio A and B.

Sorry to say, I didn't have anything to do with Lady Love Me (George Benson).