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Originally Posted by l.sicilian ➡️
Hi Jay, thanks for this FAQ and for the great music.

Some questions on old drums, did you ever apply any reverb (plate, echo chamber) or delays at all to the drum buss? I know some do, while others use it on snare only, some keep it 100% dry.

In general, how much kick to you preserve on the OH mics? Say you could be high passing from 75Hz upwards...

I understand this can be very subjective and personal, I always love to know what other engineers were doing.

Thank you again.

Sometimes I would add some plate to toms and print it along with the overheads and hat. I usually kept the snare dry.

If I want to get rid of any kick in the OH's, I'll try to do it by covering the kick, in some way. If it wasn't covered, I sometime take some 500cps out of the OH to get rid of the attack of the kick.