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Old 20th April 2012
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Manually Mapping Impulse in Cubase 6.5

Hi guys,

I'm using a Novation Impulse 49 without Automap. I didn't take to the latter - mainly because it randomly omitted plug-ins which were enabled and which it could plainly 'see', and made things a bit messy by doubling up dll files.

So now I'm trying to manually map the Impulse controls myself, and plug-in wise it's all quite self-explanatory and I'd say I'll manage. However I'm having a lot of trouble getting the Impulse's transport buttons to work in Cubase 6.5 - I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I have the transport buttons on the Impulse set to 'CC' rather than 'MMC', and from Rewind > Record the CC numbers are 112 > 117. First of all I tried using the Quick Controls in the Device Setup menu to map the Impulse transport buttons to the respective Cubase functions. Had no joy.

Had a look around and found this video and followed it, adding the Impulse as a Generic Remote, but couldn't get the midi learn working.

Anyone else out there face similar problems before? Any help would be well and truly appreciated...