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Call it what you want (Hater LOL) The heat won and it was a balanced effort. OF course D Wayde is the star, but Shaq, GP and company hit enough big shots to win as a team.
Bullstttttttttttttt. Dallas played like girls with all those jump shots when they should have been taking it to the hole. That was the major difference in them winning and losing the last 4 games, nothing else. And you add in the bad or no calls by the officials.....what do you get? same thing you got in Last year's superbowl. LOL.... I think its more of Stern's love for his buddy Cuban.heh

Boxing, Football, basketball.........sports sucks now that its fixed.

they would have made more money in a Lakers vs Heat fixed finals... maybe next year? but it was funny to see someone say "Wade over Kobe" as the next greatest player under Jordan".heh man....would do folks smoke crack?



Super Bowl XLI -- Feb. 4 -- Dolphin Stadium (Miami, Fla.)

Dallas vs Miami ???.......... T.O....T.O....T.O....T.O....T.O....