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A couple of can decide on which is the most important of the two, the one that gives the groove and set that up as your bottom end bass. Maybe scoop it out a little around say 350 hz - 500 hz and maybe low pass it down a bit in the tops rather than pushing the upper end.If you want to hear the frets and pick use a copmressor to bing them up, then sit the other bass on top, but hi pass it starting around 300, as high as you can without killing the drive. Do this with the full track running, not in solo. You could maybe compress this one a bit more than the lower one.
you could put a compressor over the drive bass, and key it off the groove bass, so when the groove bass hits the drive bass ducks in level.
Even doing that you should still carve out some complimentary space in each one with eq so they sit together.
Man I had an act with my little brother and we were bringing demos to each other for the album. He's a bass player and brought me this groove he'd recorded with like 40 bass parts.