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Mixing multiple basslines

Hey guys, I haven't really seen this discussed much so I'd like to get some feedback from around here, since many people on here seem to be pretty savvy on the topic.

I'm working on a track that essentially has layered basslines (2) the first one is a bass guitar, This one is more important to the overall groove of the song.

the second bassline is an electronic bassline, rhythmic done with step sequencing.. it doesnt have as nice as groove as the guitar bassline, but it has more energy to it..

SO i was trying to mix the bass guitar REALLY low, then notch some highs where you can hear the fret and pick noises

then i'm trying to lo cut the electronic bassline and use it to fill in the mids..

does this sound right, and do you guys have any suggestions on which bass should be in which frequency ranges.. i'm having trouble separating them and getting the correct sound i want.